Martin Haven is a freelance broadcaster who specialises in four-wheeled motorsport, as well as bobsleigh and skeleton.

From circuit commentary, via premium-rate telephone calls, he graduated to TV in the late 80s, his first gig being live coverage of the RAC Rally on BSB. An offer to watch NASCAR being covered on Screensport turned into the beginnings of a new career, the decision to leave Autosport and become a freelance dovetailing perfectly with Screensport’s demise.

Martin has been Eurosport’s lead car racing commentator for the past decade and has headed up the coverage of Bobsleigh and Skeleton since 2001. He has worked for Channel 4 for a number of years on their British F3 and GT coverage and reported for NBC’s ALMS coverage during their 5-year tenure of the coverage.

Over the years he has covered everything from cliff-diving to parachuting, handball to mad Austrian hillclimbs and just about everything in between, from a 36-hour stint during live coverage of the Le Mans 24 Hours, to three weeks in the deserts of Africa on the Dakar Rally.

Martin has trained as a print and radio journalist and has also produced programmes and scripted films for corporate clients and the home market.

A keen petrol-head, he owns a convertible Morris Minor and a racing Mini, although – as so often is the case – the most successful element of his sporadic racing career was his post-race press releases…